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3Shape Dental System

Dec. 12, 2011
New services for dentists in scalable solutions for labs of any size.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark--3Shape A/S, a user-acclaimed leader in 3-D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, has released next generation Dental System 2012 to the market.Dental System 2012 offers three different scanner models and standard or premium software versions in order to provide a flexible and scalable solution that can be matched to labs of any size or business model with upgrade possibilities for future requirements. 3Shape offers a range of new digital workflows and communication tools designed to help labs expand their range of services to dentists.“In today’s competitive climate, labs that shift from production-only to service-provider profiles are winning market-share," stated Tais Clausen, CTO at 3Shape. "With Dental System 2012, 3Shape is bringing labs solutions designed to help them build new services and stronger business relationships with their dentists.”3Shape, Astra Tech announce strategic alliance3Shape calls its solutions “timeless” because their innovation does not rest and they continue to provide feature-packed upgrades for users every year. 3Shape backs its dental system users with a support network and training package.Here are some of the Dental System 2012 features: 3Shape Communicate: Integration to advanced communication tools that enable labs to send dentist-clients 3-D design visualizations for use in discussions with the lab, as well as with patients. A complete version and final availability conditions should be ready in the future.ModelBuilder: Allows technicians to design lab models for a range of indications, including implant models, directly from intraoral scans and conventional impression scans.TRIOS integration: Enables labs to receive TRIOS digital impression scans from the clinic directly into their dental system InboxTexture Scanning: Enhances visualization of surface details and allows technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance markings in the digital design (Texture scanning is available on D800/810 scanners).Dynamic Virtual Articulator: Support for recognized articulators. With occlusion compass functionality, the colors of contact points are mapped to specific occlusion movements.Temporaries and Diagnostic Wax-ups: A workflow solution for producing temporary crowns and diagnostic wax-ups (including virtual prep, virtual gingiva, CAD temporaries, and virtual diagnostic wax-up design). Align & Re-use design: Using 3Shape’s Align & Reuse technology, designs for the virtual dagnostic wax-up and temporary can be reused directly when designing the final crown.Multilayer Design: Enables productive bridge design for pressing or combinations of milled glass-ceramics and zirconia. Automatically splits full anatomy designs into two true and entire parts without undercuts or lost areas.Improved SmileComposer: Optimized auto-placement of crowns and morphing to preparation.Advanced Telescope design: New software for optimized creation of telescopic crowns, including sophisticated primary telescope modeling and improved edge design.Entry-level scanner from 3Shape3Shape’s new D500 model and impression scanner is built on 3Shape’s advanced scanning technologies for full and accurate capture. The D500 is designed specifically to cover the needs of labs seeking to enter the digital arena. 3Shape additionally offers the full-indication D700 and D800 scanners with 5.0 MP and texture scanning capabilities for medium- to large-sized labs. Dental System 2012 is available at 3Shape resellers. Availability to end-users will depend on the specific system configuration. For more information, visit To comment on this product, go to