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July 21, 2011
Service provides a portal for patients.

Sikka Software has launched beta service.

Studies have indicated that having a patient portal allows you to have a 24x7 front desk, and saves a team more than $2,800 a month in time and resources spent to support patient questions.

Sikka Software Corporationa seven-year-old practice optimizer company, will provide free for the first 1,000 dentists who sign up. No purchase of a Sikka product is required.

PatientHomePage gives patients one easy place to:

* see their statements, balances, and pay bills
* book appointments, set up text or alert preferences
* get messages, health history, and communicate with a dentist
* see their treatment plans, insurance payments, and balances
* view and print newsletters, send a dentist pictures, and securely view health history files
* get specials and discounts from a dentist
* give feedback, post on Facebook, Twitter, and tell their friends about a dentist

Practice Optimizer is now affordable

Since Sikka is compatible with 95% of practice-management systems, with one click of a button, a dentist can send an email to customers and let them know about PatientHomePage. When dentists click on the link, they are connected to a secure portal.

Those who are interested in signing up can do so by clicking on and following onscreen instructions to download and install Sikka Desktop Utility. Synchronization with a practice-management system takes approximately 30 minutes. After this, it is done nightly.

There is no need to make any credit card or payment information to get the service. On or about Aug. 1, 2011, will be enabled. if a dentist is in the first 1,000, her or she will receive an email with instructions and webinar training links to use this capability.

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