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Carestream Dental announces CS SoftDent Cloud software

May 15, 2014
CS SoftDent is Carestream’s third software to adopt a Cloud platform.
ANAHEIM, California--Carestream Dental has announced CS SoftDent Cloud practice-management software at the California Dental Association–South Meeting (CDA–South) at the Anaheim Convention Center.
Also at the meeting, Carestream Dental showcased two of its other recently launched products--the CS 8100 3D extraoral imaging system and the RVG 6200 intraoral digital imaging system. CS SoftDent Cloud, the latest cloud version of Carestream Dental’s practice-management software, is designed to help busy practices run more efficientl. CS SoftDent Cloud offers al suite of practice-management software tools to increase productivity and help streamline daily workflow. CS SoftDent Cloud’s features enable practices to effectively manage their day-to-day business. This includes insurance benefits tracking, electronic patient charts and detailed financial reports, at any time, from any location. Sensitive patient and practice-management files are securely backed up and maintained by Carestream Dental in HIPAA-compliant storage. “We know that our customers are very busy, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve their workflow,” said Jeffrey Urkevich, CS SoftDent senior product line manager for Carestream Dental. “Now, practices can enjoy peace of mind because CS SoftDent Cloud stores all applications, data and patient information under one virtual roof, giving teams access to the files they need 24/7. Also, hardware overhead is greatly reduced, and offices can now access their data from both PC and Mac computers. It really is a great convenience.” Additionally, the CS 8100 3D and RVG 6200, launched at the American Association of Endodontists 2014 annual session, are available for sale. Building on the high-quality, 2-D panoramic images available with the CS 8100, the CS 8100 3D now offers 3-D imaging and 3-D model scanning in one affordable unit. The system’s 3-D imaging technology captures images with 1:1 accuracy without distortion or overlap of anatomy. Selectable 3-D programs give practitioners control of the image size, resolution, and dose for each examination. These programs include a universal field of view (5 cm x 5 cm) for daily dental exams such as local pathology, single implant, and endodontic examinations; single (8 cm x 5 cm) and dual jaw (8 cm x 9 cm) modes that can capture one or both dental arches in a single scan; a pediatric mode (4 cm x 4 cm) that is intendedl for children and follow-up exams; and the EndoHD mode (5 cm x 5 cm), which delivers high-resolution scans with 75 μm precision to capture small details of root and canal morphology. The RVG 6200 is the company’s newest addition to its portfolio of digital intraoral sensors. The new system continues in the RVG legacy and further shapes the technology around practitioners, offering an efficient three-step acquisition process: position, expose, and view. Practitioners simply position the sensor in a patient’s mouth, capture the image, and the image appears within seconds to further streamline workflow. The RVG 6200’s high-definition image resolution provides film-quality digital images for improved diagnosis. It also comes with a convenient dose indicator that identifies over- and under-exposures, so practitioners can quickly adjust the settings. This reduces the need for retakes. Clinicians can optimize image contrast according to their diagnostic needs by using the endodontic, periodontic, or dentin enamel junction filters. In addition to the anatomical modes, the RVG 6200’s easy-to-use sharpness filter enables practitioners to customize the appearance of images to their preferred look and feel. “We could not be happier with the addition of CS SoftDent Cloud, the CS 8100 3D, and the RVG 6200 to our portfolio,” said Dr. Ed Shellard, chief marketing officer and director of business development for Carestream Dental. “We’re continually meeting and exceeding our goal of providing practitioners with products that simplify complicated tasks and enable them to do their jobs with fewer steps, and this is just the beginning.” For more information, call (800) 944-6365 or visit To comment on these products, go to