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Cloud-based dental practice solution presented

Feb. 4, 2014
Umbie DentalCare presented a dental practice-management application at the 2014 Yankee Dental Congress in Boston.

BOSTON, Massachusetts--Umbie DentalCare, a provider of cloud-based software solutions and a division of Umbie Health, presented a dental practice management application at the 2014 Yankee Dental Congress in Boston.

“Our primary goal at Umbie DentalCare is to provide customized solutions for dentists, to enable them to be more efficient and more profitable,” said Jeremy Hamel, cofounder and president.

“Whether there is one office or a dozen, our cloud-based practice management software is completely scalable. And ultimately our application will enhance their patient engagement across their entire practice, and that’s really exciting.”

Umbie DentalCare cloud-based software provides comprehensive practice management for the dental office for a flat monthly fee. As a result, it enables a dental office to eliminate on-site servers with costly ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and updates.

The solution helps optimize office workflow, increases productivity, and structures communication. It also provides practice oversight that measures, monitors, and protects the practice. All this with remote access from any device with an Internet connection.

Umbie enables patient charting, billing, scheduling, imaging, patient data, and communication from one system. The Huddle component provides a direct connection between office staff and its daily responsibilities, but closes the loop with practice performance and patient engagement.

The customized and secure remote access modules and role-based user privileges provide visibility for dentists, office managers, and for patients.

The patient interface that dentists use with the Umbie application has seen the most success.

“With a focus on creating patient engagement and empowering the patient to take a greater interest in their health, Umbie's intuitive patient portal provides the patient the opportunity to communicate directly with the office, update information online, customize appointment reminders, and pay for treatment,” said cofounder Rosa Graca.

"The patient portal cultivates dentist-patient trust, which ultimately cultivates patients that are dedicated to their treatment and loyal to their dentist. That’s really what the Umbie DentalCare application is all about.”

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