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Sun Dental announces Sunscan rental program

Feb. 4, 2014
Labs can now rent instead of investing thousands of dollars

Does your dental lab want to enter the digital age of dentistry but cannot quite afford the giant price tag? Sun Dental Labs now offers 3-D model scanners to labs and doctors interested in entering the digital age of dental technology. The scanner rental program was developed out of a need from labs to increase productivity without having to invest thousands of dollars in equipment.

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At $199 a month, labs can rent a SunScanM 3-D model scanner that comes equipped with a Dell PC, web cam, and scanning software. The CAD/CAM department at Sun Dental Labs has worked tirelessly to create a system that is user-friendly and cost effective for any dental professional.

Labs that ship most of their cases can see an immediate savings in shipping costs by sending files digitally. Most cases submitted digitally can be started within a matter of hours, which can help improve turnaround time.

The scanner rental program also comes with a free in-person training session held at Sun Dental Labs’ Clearwater, Fla., location on the first Friday of every month. Scanner renters will get hands-on training with the actual machines and software they will be using in their labs. The training sessions conclude with a tour of Sun Dental Labs’ facility and dinner with Sun team members.

Those unable to attend the in-person training can get the full training session on DVD. The SunscanM scanner rental program is available to dentists, labs, and dental schools nationwide. To learn more about Sun Dental Labs products and services, visit