RVG digital radiography celebrates 30 years

Aug. 7, 2012
Carestream Dental continues to offer dental practicesi imaging solutions.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Carestream Dental is celebrating 30 years of providing dental practitioners worldwide with image quality.

Invented and patented by French dentist Dr. Francis Mouyen, RadioVisioGraphy (RVG) imaging delivers digital images instantly to create a more efficient workflow for practices while improving patient communication.

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Since its introduction, RVG has established innovation in digital radiography, including milestones such as offering a sensor to provide >20 lp/mm resolution and a wireless sensor that can easily be shared between operatories. Carestream Dental’s RVG family features three sensor options for practitioners.

Serving as entry point into digital dental radiography, the RVG 5100 provides practices with a solution for basic intraoral imaging needs. With two sensor sizes available, this system is easy to use and delivers images (true resolution of 14 lp/mm) in seconds.

Introduced in 2006, the RVG 6100 offers a high image resolution (>20 lp/mm) and delivers images in seconds. Intended for multi-chair practices, this system is designed to streamline workflow with easy image capture, analysis, and sharing. RVG 6100 sensors are available in three sizes, including a size 0 sensor for pediatric applications.

Delivering the same image quality as wired RVG 6100 sensors, the RVG 6500 system (introduced in 2010) uses proven Wi-Fi technology to help eliminate the need for sensors to have a wired connection to a computer.

Offering imaging flexibility, this system can be used in a variety of practice configurations, including multi-sensor and multi-computer environments. Available in three sizes, RVG 6500 sensors transfer images to operatory computers within seconds.

“The introduction of RVG imaging caused a significant shift in the oral health industry--a shift toward digital technology,” said Edward Shellard, DMD, chief marketing officer and director of business development for Carestream Dental.

“Over the years, we’ve continued to develop and strengthen our offerings in the digital radiography category so our products meet clinicians’ diagnostic needs, integrate into practice workflows, and are easy to use. From the invention of the digital sensor to the introduction of a wireless sensor that offers the highest image resolution, our line of RVG products has evolved to serve the ever-changing needs of our customers and their patients.”

Carestream Dental’s RVG solutions integrate with the company’s various imaging software programs. Additionally, Logicon Caries Detector Software serves as a computer-aided diagnostic tool that helps practitioners locate and diagnose interproximal caries using a database of known caries problems.

In addition to image resolution and software integration, Carestream Dental’s RVG sensors are built with rounded corners and rear-entry cables to help ensure patients are comfortable. Sensors are also built with shock-resistant casing, providing maximum durability for a long lifespan.

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