Broadview joins Schein's Dental Dentrix Developer Program

Nov. 27, 2012
Dental practice expenses reduced and front-desk operations streamlined with OfficeSuite Dental

RYE BROOK, N.Y. —- Broadview Networks, a leading provider of hosted voice, data, and cloud computing solutions, has joined Henry Schein, Inc.’s Dentrix Developer Program. Broadview will develop and market OfficeSuite Dental, a cloud-based communications solution that, in conjunction with Henry Schein’s industry-leading Dentrix G5 practice management software, provides dental practices with turnkey practice management and communications.

OfficeSuite Dental brings unique benefits to dental practices. Integrated with Dentrix G5, OfficeSuite Dental will enhance patient satisfaction while increasing employee productivity and operational efficiency. Communications with patients will be streamlined, combining state-of-the-art phone system features with automated patient database information. Incoming calls from patients will trigger an automatic pop-up display of the Dentrix patient notes for staff before a call is even answered. With relevant patient data on the computer screen, practice staff can prioritize calls, quickly answer questions, and move on to the next call with better efficiency.

The resulting new Broadview offering will help dental practices control costs while improving customer service, and includes more than 40 features, a choice of IP phones, an easy-to-use web portal, unlimited local and long distance calling, and Internet access as a monthly-billed service. Developed as a service, OfficeSuite Dental provides this state-of-the-art phone system with no capital investment required.

“Digital dental practices look for new technologies that work together to simplify patient and business process workflow,” said president of Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Kevin Bunker. “The Dentrix Developer Program is helping more than 100 innovative companies quickly develop new solutions for the dental market by integrating with Dentrix G5. OfficeSuite Dental is a great example of how a phone solution can leverage Dentrix G5 to streamline a practice’s front desk operations for new levels of responsiveness and efficiencies.”

Broadview will market OfficeSuite Dental in conjunction with Henry Schein, expanding Broadview’s distribution in the dental practice marketplace. OfficeSuite Dental will be part of Henry Schein’s TechCentral portfolio of business and computer technology solutions.

Unlike on-premises phone systems, the OfficeSuite cloud-based solution resides in Broadview’s network cloud and is not reliant on in-office PBX equipment. Instead, standard IP connections link office phones to the cloud-based network and allow practices to easily add, change and move phones to meet their needs.

This approach offers greater flexibility and allows individual users to configure their desk phones via a secure website and customize features like speed dialing, call answering, voicemail, and call forwarding. An employee can use any phone in the practice’s phone system, including phones in other locations, which will automatically switch to that user’s established preferences. Users can also turn their computers into office phones with an additional “softphone” option that allows them to receive and make calls as if they were in their office from any computer with an Internet connection. Additionally, employees can access voicemail through Android and iPhone clients, receive calls anywhere with mobile twinning, and make changes in real time using the mobile-optimized website.

“We're excited to integrate with Dentrix G5 and bring the next generation of communication tools to dental practices,” said Broadview Networks’ COO, Brian Crotty. “When a practice’s phone system and practice management software work together, the practice improves both the patient’s phone call experience and employee productivity.”

For more information about OfficeSuite Dental, visit For a live demonstration, visit Broadview at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (booth No. 3831) through Nov. 28.

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