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3M ESPE introduces the 3M True Definition Scanner

Oct. 16, 2012
Advanced digital impression system to boldly redefine the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry

ST. PAUL, Minn. – 3M ESPE announces its new advanced digital impression system, the 3M True Definition Scanner.

“Digital impressions bring improved productivity, better oral care, and ultimately a better patient experience," said Mark Farmer, president, 3M ESPE. "We believe those benefits should be within reach for every dental practice. Our new, affordable digital impression system is open and designed for multiple connections with other mills and systems.”

The digital impression system features an open and secure cloud-based platform offering dentists and dental labs a multitude of choices. More accurate, and more consistently accurate, than leading systems on the market, it will enter the U.S. CAD/CAM2 dentistry marketplace at a price of $11,995.

"I am very pleased that 3M has opened the True Definition Scanner to my chairside milling system,” said Brent Fredrickson, DDS, an early clinical evaluator of the digital impression system. “I've used the device for a large number of model-free cases with outstanding clinical results. The restorations consistently drop right in, and my patients have been extremely satisfied with the outcome.”

The 3M system delivers powerful 3-D video technology and offers:

Predictable clinical outcomes: Provides better oral care, a better patient experience, and improved productivity compared to the traditional process.

Choice: Supported by the 3M Connection Center, an open and secure cloud-based platform to store, share and connect, the system offers more choices for sharing clinical case files.

Accuracy: The 3M True Definition Scanner features the powerful “3D-in-motion” video technology, which allows you to capture and simultaneously view a true replica of the oral anatomy in extraordinary detail. This gives the flexibility needed for quadrant dentistry and the accuracy needed for full arch dentistry.

Small handpiece: The wand is light and balanced, and the small size mimics a handpiece, providing comfortable, clinical familiarity.

To learn more about this digital impression system, watch a video of the new True Definition Scanner or visit Stop by 3M ESPE booth No. 5644, C7N at the ADA annual session in San Francisco from October 18-21 to see the scanner first-hand.