Sikka Software has App store, platform for dental and other health-care verticals

July 12, 2012
Company now has an ecosystem of more than 16 partner Apps and six Sikka Apps to help optimize business.

MILPITAS, California--Sikka Software Corporation has announced launch of an Application Programming Interface library with the Sikka Platform Utility and updated website to include a Sikka App Store for dental, audiology, veterinarian, patient home page, and small business apps.

The API library enables a developer or company to build apps that are seamlessly compatible with more than 400 combinations of practice management and financial systems.

“We started with a simple vision Help health-care providers optimize their business via a series of easy- to-use cloud based applications,” said Vijay Sikka, CEO of Sikka Software. "In due course, it grew into a technology platform, the Sikka Platform Utility. The platform enabled many apps built by us and by our partners.

“Our partners include top financial service, revenue cycle, accounts receivable, manufacturing, recall system, marketing and consulting companies, And our customers fell in love with the access, lower cost, scale, and simplification delivered by this Sikka Ecosystem,” he continued.

The company is on the verge of transforming an industry into a real-time optimization and information network. The Sikka Platform has a growing ecosystem as more and more dentists, consultants to dentists, patients, manufacturers of dental and medical device products, financial service providers, and other cloud-based SaaS solution providers keep joining to leverage the Technology Platform.

List of apps include Patient Communication, Patient Loyalty Rewards, Accounts Receivable, Collection, Insurance Claims, Adjudication and Eligibility, Recall systems, Purchasing, Benchmarking, and manufacturer apps and financial service apps such as Practice Finance and Patient Finance and Practice Transitions being used by broker groups.

See company representatives Oct. 18-21 at the 2012 ADA convention in San Francisco, Calif., at Booth 5284 ( and Sikka Software Optimization Summit Nov. 2-3 in Monterey, Calif. (

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