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EVAsoft imaging software

Aug. 19, 2010
EVAsoft is driving software behind the EVA digital X-ray sensor.
ELMSFORD, New York--Dent-X has unveiled EVAsoft, a new imaging software. EVAsoft, developed by Dent-X engineers, works as the driving software behind the EVA digital X-ray sensor.EVAsoft has many features, including Keep-On-Top, in which X-rays stay visible over a window so a doctor can simultaneously edit a patient’s chart--in practice-management software--while looking at the corresponding digital X-ray. This functionality, combined with bridging capabilities, means that EVAsoft integrates with practice-management software in a manner offices prefer. EVAsoft includes manual and automatic image contrast enhancement, works with intraoral cameras, and is networkable at no additional charge. The software provides diagnostic images at a low price.EVAsoft comes with unlimited licenses and free lifetime technical support. For more information, visit or call (914) 592-6100.To read more about ImageWorks, go to ImageWorks.To comment on this product, go to