EZSensor official release

Sept. 1, 2010
EZSensor sizes 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 digital intraoral sensors for sale in the United States market.

SECAUCUS, New Jersey--Vatech America., maker of digital dental imaging equipment, has announced formally release of the EZSensor size 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 digital intraoral sensors for sale in the United States market.

EzSensor is the newest addition to the digital intraoral sensor product lineup. Rounded off edges create an ergonomic design thathelps maximize patient comfort and makes for easy positioning. The rigid internal aluminum casing and shock absorption design of the EzSensor warrants durability in harsh operating environments.

The reinforced cable connection features stability for proper digital image processing while maximizing the flexibility to maintain cable integrity during frequent and extreme bending.

Low-noise hybrid CMOS technology with 16-bit data acquisition produces image quality with less radiation. The EZSensor helps provide preventative patient care, implant surgery, and endodontic treatment.

Additionally it improves workflow efficiency by shortening the processing time for a diagnostic image without the hassle of a film developer and dark room.

EzDent 4.0 image viewing software is included at no additional cost. The software has a convenient user interface and versatile digital diagnostic tools such as virtual implant, teeth whitening simulations, and other functions.

The patient information and various diagnostic images are saved digitally and managed electronically to create a paperless operating environment. The built in TWAIN driver allows the EZSensor to integrate with most imaging software programs.

The EzSensor is easy to install on a Windows-based PC. Additionally, it is compatible with many leading digital sensor holders. The EZSensor is available for purchase through authorized dealers.

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