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Sept. 28, 2010
Getting the Most Out of QuickBooks In Your Practice course can be accessed at new Solutions for Your Practice eLearning Center.

Where can dental practices learn how to use QuickBooks accounting software, back to back with their practice- management software, in order to better manage their practice?

“It's always been my heart's desire to provide tangible solutions for practices to learn how to use QuickBooks correctly,” said Susan Gunn, the QuickBooks Expert for professional practices.

Hence the new Solutions for Your Practice eLearning Center and the center's first course, "Getting The Most Out Of QuickBooks In Your Practice," which is now available.

The course is designed to be completed within thee weeks, is "go-at-your-own-pace,” and includes a book ($129 retail value), downloadable handouts, 70 audiovisual clips, practice worksheets, quick quizzes, a community bulletin board, and scheduled live chat sessions.

The new eLearning Center is built on the same, secure foundation as university online courses.

Through an Internet browser, Gunn guides the attendee step by step while viewing QuickBooks. An attendee builds his or her QuickBooks file, enters transactions, reconciles accounts and creates reports. Short quizzes cover the basic essentials with a final quiz prior to receiving a course completion certificate.

As a bonus to the course, the attendee can return to the Student Solutions Center for a year, post questions on the bulletin board, attend QuickBooks chats, and read eLearning Center news.

Scheduled future course topics include payroll, online banking, choosing a CPA, and managing cash.

Visit the new eLearning Center at

Create a login and view the introductory mini clips. This gives a summary in learning how to use QuickBooks.

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