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Quantum 3-D imaging software

June 29, 2010
i-CATVision 1.9 available for clinicians to capture, diagnosis, and plan in 3-D.
HATFIELD, Pennsylvania, and DES PLAINES, Illinois--Imaging Sciences International and Gendex Dental Systems have introduced software for the i-CAT, GXCB-500, and GXCB-500 HD Cone Beam systems—i-CATVision 1.9. By developing relationships with customers and listening to their needs, these two companies developed the technology that helps provide time-saving tools for three-dimensional dental treatment and planning. Not only has i-CATVision 1.9 retained its comprehensive capabilities with multiple views and 3-D rendering, it now delivers a new, owner-driven image enhancement tool—Quantum IQ.Quantum IQ — Image EnhancementExclusive to i-CATVision 1.9, this proprietary image enhancement feature allows clinicians the flexibility to choose how they want to view image detail. Applied during the reconstruction process, Quantum IQ delivers an improved smoothness to overall image clarity by yielding a more-pleasing diagnostic view of soft tissue while retaining crisp definition around anatomical landmarks and hard tissues. The selection of Quantum IQ or standard view allows dentists to focus on the details that matter most to them.Mark Hillebrandt, director of product management for Imaging Sciences and Gendex stated, “We are pleased to provide our owners with features that enhance their daily 3-D workflow and yield the types of images that they prefer—especially when it relates to something as important as diagnosis.” Enhanced data transfer The ability of i-CATVision 1.9 to save and export scan data in DICOM allows clinicians to work within their 3-D planning software of choice. With improvements made to the DICOM component of this version, corporate practices, hospitals, and universities should be better equipped to efficiently share large amounts of information.Quick launchAnother convenient feature available in i-CATVision 1.9 is time-saving quick launch integration with 3-D planning software, including Dolphin 3D for Orthodontists, Anatomage Invivo5--one of the most popular planning software programs--and 3DVR. This new tool provides faster workflow when treatment planning.For more information on i-CATVision 1.9 and Quantum IQ, call (800) 205-3570 or visit and

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