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PerioPal V9 software

Dec. 3, 2010
PerioPal periodontal charting software is now a yearly subscription service for an unlimited number of users per location.
BEAUMONT, Texas--PerioPal has introduced a new release with features that allow clinicians to get more out of periodontal charting software. From the way the software is licensed to the way the exam can be performed, PerioPal 9.0 has been built for usability.To read more about PerioPal, go to PerioPal.

PerioPal periodontal charting software is now a yearly subscription service for an unlimited number of users per location. There are no set-up, cancellation, maintenance, or hidden fees. PerioPal offers a free, 30-day trial that is 100% functional, giving users access to charting features. At the end of the trial period, users can activate a yearly subscription.

“The move to an annual subscription approach encourages the use of an improved periodontal system, enabling the practice to spread the expense of a new solution across different cost centers--hardware, integration, and training,” said Kimberly Goodson, president.

“And with a breakthrough price of $199 per server, we are thrilled to get PerioPal into the hands of even more clinicians who want a comprehensive, yet affordable periodontal charting system. With PerioPal, affordability is not less.”

PerioPal offers new functionality to help accurately and efficiently record multiple data entries with a single command, especially conditions relating to localized gingivitis and early periodontitis. While PerioPal was built for voice recognition, the latest PerioPal application improves the manual entry of periodontal data for clinicians who practice assisted hygiene.

PerioPal is periodontal charting software with two free download versions, the single PC and the network install.

Software features include customized voice commands for speed and accuracy, manual entry for assisted hygiene (nonvoice option), unlimited users and workstations, evidence-based diagnosis, universal and FDI numbering systems, exportable PDF reports, single-pass data capture, auto advance options, easy data modification, stand alone or network ready, integration with dental systems, real time alerts and follow up options, large visual display, patient education, self-directed training materials, and comparative exam analysis.

The new subscription platform reflects an ongoing PerioPal strategy to make a solution attractive so clinicians can add a wider range of periodontal functionality to a new or existing dental system.

“It’s time to change in our charting notions, a complete and adequate periodontal evaluation is much more than six numbers in a box,” said Goodson. "By combining a sensible pricing model with a comprehensive recording solution, the limits of traditional periodontal charting methods are now liberated, activating the clinician's skills and enhancing overall periodontal performance."

The PerioPal annual subscription is priced at $199 per server based on one server per location. An unlimited number of users/workstations can record, report, and share PerioPal exams.

PerioPal 9.0 is available at

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