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EdgeDMS for iPad

Dec. 22, 2010
edgeDMS is a native, touch-based clinical charting software for the paperless dental office.
SEATTLE, Washington--Edge EHR, a provider of dental-practice management solutions for the Mac OS, has announced release of edgeDMS for iPad.To read more about the iPad, go to iPad.

The software is for dentists and dental offices that are looking to leverage the power of the Apple iPad.

The launch of edgeDMS for iPad sets a new standard for dental practice management with an intuitive dental charting solution. The edgeDMS Perio chart quickly captures pocket and recession depths, tooth mobility, and furcation values with a few taps.

"Extracted, impacted, and erupted states are recorded with a swipe. Competitors using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) or browser-based applications to bring iPad functionality to the practice just don't understand the power of the Apple iPad's iOS touch capabilities," said Edge CEO Troy Spracklin, referring to the multi-touch workflows available in edgeDMS for iPad.

Dental professionals can quickly search for patient records, access patient histories, and chart new exams with a series of taps and swipes on an iPad.

"It's iPad easy! Tap a patient, review the history, and chart a new exam with your fingertip--no more pencils," said Spracklin.

Existing edgeDMS user, Dr. Stephen Chermol, DMD, PC, from West Chester, Pa., said: "I've been an edgeDMS user in my dental practice for several years. It has worked seamlessly for my needs, and with the introduction of version 2.5 with an iPad App, I couldn't be more excited to perform routine evaluations and updates on my periodontal patients. Edge has created a new gold standard in all dental management software, let alone Mac- based systems. Edge with iPad will be working to enhance my periodontal practice in expected Apple style."

Exam details including observations, etiology, diagnosis, and patient recommendations are also quickly recorded on each patient visit using the iPad with or without a bluetooth keyboard. In addition, edgeDMS for iPad features an integrated picture and digital X-ray browser allowing providers to add, review, and share intraoral images, photos and digital X-rays with their patients at chair-side.

edgeDMS running on a Mac desktop makes it simple to view any patient record in the office or on the go through a secure VPN tunnel for providers who are seeking mobile empowerment in which no patient data resides on the iPad device. Add in iPad's remote data wipe features and security is covered.

To try edgeDMS for iPad, download the free trial at free trial.

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