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J. Morita launches TDO

Oct. 1, 2010
TDO users can now incorporate Morita 3D units into their practices with full compatibility.
IRVINE, California--J. Morita USA, a leader in 3D imaging, has announced availability of a software integration solution for TDO users. TDO is a quality-centered endodontics organization; the practice-management software is a comprehensive and widely used endodontic software. TDO users can now incorporate Morita 3D units into their practices with full compatibility. With cone beam functionality built into TDO software, it is easy to access, share, and store 3D images efficiently. Morita's i-Dixel software, standard with all Morita 3D units, has been programmed for a direct connection to the TDO environment. All image types, including 2D X-rays as well as 3D images, can be organized in one system. Selected slice images can be transferred to TDO with a single click of the export icon. The clinician can then select the slices of interest, annotate images, and quickly generate reports that can be sent straight from the TDO software. This highly efficient, interlinked system eliminates the need for duplicate files, reduces administrative time, and allows the clinician to maximize diagnostic information available. Morita's 3D imaging units have demonstrated in clinical studies, and in recent live fire events, to offer high clarity coupled with lowdosage. These units suppress the "noise" that is associated with other lower quality systems. TDO users can choose from a range of 3D models from three product lines, including Veraviewepocs 3D, Veraviewepocs 3De, and 3D Accuitomo. All units come standard with i-Dixel software and offer complete, automatic TDO integration. For more information, contact J. Morita USA at (877) JMORITA [566-7482]. Visit to learn more about Morita 3D units.To read more about J. Morita, go to J. Morita.To comment on this product, go to