December 2013 New Products

Dec. 1, 2013


Ultradent now offers a take-home whitening product called Opalescence Go. Whitening products are continuing to grow in popularity, and Opalescence Go offers dental patients the opportunity to achieve that pearly white smile while on the go. Opalescence Go comes in two gel grades. The 10% hydrogen peroxide gel comes in three favors – mint, peach, or melon – and has a wear time of 30 to 60 minutes. The 15% hydrogen peroxide gel comes in mint favor and has a wear time of 15 to 20 minutes.

Go to http://www.ultradent.com.


Coltene now offers the BioSonic SUVI piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler in two models: SUVI Premier and SUVI Elite. SUVI Premier can be used for traditional scaling as well as for endodontic, periodontic, and restorative needs and implant maintenance. SUVI Premier features an ergonomic silicone grip for hand comfort, an LED light for better illumination, and a foot pedal that allows users to control many functions of the device hands-free. The SUVI Elite device boasts the same features as the SUVI Premier but adds an air polisher. Both devices are compatible with a wide range of DuraGradeMax super steel tips for use in endodontic, periodontic, and restorative treatments.

Go to http://www.mybiosonic.com/#!suvi-premier/c6ky.


Blizzident touts its new toothbrush as being able to clean teeth in six seconds fat – an enticing claim in today’s extremely fast-paced society. This toothbrush has a unique design that resembles an upside-down scrub brush. The Blizzident bristles are tailored to each individual’s set of teeth using a 3D model created from an impression or scan provided by one’s dentist. Adhering to the brushing guidelines provided on the website – brushing and grinding about 10 to 15 times – ensures that all areas of the teeth are cleaned. Blizzident lasts for about a year and can even be enhanced with dental foss simply by routing foss through small slots in the device.

Go to http://www.blizzident.com/how-it-works.html.


Flossolution’s Flossguard line of products was created by Flossolution founder and Orlando dentist Dr. Tim Pruett, who, after listening to his patients’ many concerns, realized that his patients needed a new approach to fossing. Flossolution offers a start-up kit that includes a charging base, "Flossengine," "Flossarm" with Flossguard technology, and a free brush arm. The start-up kit supplies fossing needs for two months, and replacement Flossarms, Brusharms, and Flossers are available. The Flossguard line provides quick, painless, and professional flossing.

Go to http://www.flossolution.com.


Carestream Dental recently introduced the CS WinOMS Cloud, a cloud version of their practice management software. The cloud version of the 25-year-old software allows oral surgeons to store data, patient information, and applications in one place; dental teams can access needed information 24/7 via any Internetconnected device. Files that require additional security are maintained and backed up by Carestream Dental using HIPAA-compliant storage. CS WinOMS Cloud always uses the most recent version of the software, so there is no longer a need for manual upgrades.

Go to http://www.carestreamdental.com/us/en.