Patterson Dental Supply introduces EagleSoft Version 15.00

Sept. 10, 2008
Latest version of practice management software incorporates enhanced features based on user feedback.

ST. PAUL, Minnesota--Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. has announced the release of Patterson EagleSoft Version 15.00, the latest version of the clinical and practice management software.

New and enhanced features are based on feedback from current Patterson EagleSoft users. Patterson EagleSoft practice management software is now free to new users, and the imaging software may also be obtained at no cost with a qualifying digital technology purchase.

New to Patterson EagleSoft Version 15.00 is the ability to print CAESY patient education literature automatically during the patient walkout process after a service procedure code is entered. Built directly into Patterson EagleSoft and not requiring a separate CAESY system, this tool allows dental professionals to ensure that their patients have applicable information regarding postop care recommendations before they leave the practice.

"The abundance of innovative support options that are available from the Patterson Technology support team demonstrates Patterson's commitment to industry-leading customer service," said Jim Garrett, Patterson EagleSoft development manager. "New features present in Version 15.00 ensure Patterson EagleSoft users that their voices are continually heard in recommendations for both current and future product enhancements."

Additional features of Patterson EagleSoft Version 15.00 include:

* View production goals: Users are able to view actual production numbers against production goals for each day in the month-at-a-glance calendar. This gives dentists and office managers an opportunity to gauge their progress.

* OnSchedule notes: This feature allows users to make notes within the practice schedule as they pertain to appointments, patient requests, and staff meetings and needs. Pertinent notes appear each day on the schedule, allowing staff members to easily stay up-to-date on scheduling notices and changes.

* Insurance changes: When employer or insurance information is modified, a note appears in the system activity log to record what was changed, when, and by whom for the software user's records.

* Chart update: Users can quickly and easily track the status of patient treatments by color-coding the chart to represent "walkout" and "rejected" services.

* Lab tracking: Practices can track cases sent to the lab and take notes with an expanded description field. An AutoNote button has also been added for convenience.

With Patterson's support options, such as Live Help, Remote Support, e-mail support and an FAQ online knowledge base available, Patterson continues to provide the technology and support resources in the industry.

For more information about Patterson EagleSoft Version 15.00, call the Patterson Technology Center at (800) 294-8504, contact a local Patterson technology representative or visit Patterson Dental Supply.

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