Smile Reminder aids doctors in disaster recovery

Oct. 10, 2008
Patient communication service proves effective during floods, fires and hurricanes.

LEHI, Utah--Emergencies, disasters, and accidental damage can have crippling effects on health-care practices.

Smile Reminder, a comprehensive patient communication service, aids health-care professionals with the preservation of patient information and the ability to communicate with patients during times of difficulty.

Leveraging offsite data storage, SMS text and e-mail technology, patient information and lines of communication can be maintained during power and telephone failures.

While Smile Reminder's core service is aiding health-care professionals in their day-to-day operations, its value during times of distress is noteworthy.

When Hurricane Wilma hit Miami, Dr. Daniel A. Del Castillo discovered the power of Smile Reminder's service in a disaster. Using the Smile Reminder software, he was able to consistently update his patients with real-time alerts.

"I was also able to send e-mails and text messages to my patients regarding office closures and re-openings," said Dr. DelCastillo. "When people were without power, the only way to communicate was via cell phones. Smile Reminder made it easy to contact people in such a crazy time."

With alternate channels of communication accessible to doctors and health-care professionals, reconnecting with patients during emergencies and disasters becomes effortless and effective. Hurricane Ike recently affected the practice of Dr. Kathy Frazar of Houston, Texas.

"During the hurricane and power outage, we did not have access to our server or network," Dr. Frazar said. "I called Smile Reminder who communicated with all of our patients daily, letting them know the status of our office and our appointment schedule. Their customer service team was fantastic in responding to our needs."

Most important, Smile Reminder's software system also automatically backs up patient information on an off-site server. The server is accessible via the internet, ensuring that valuable patient information remains secure during fire, flood or any other threat to the precious data.

"It is not uncommon for an office to call us in a panic when a serious event has happened at their location," remarked Tennli Toole, vice president of customer service at Smile Reminder. "They are always relieved to know that a back-up copy of all the patient contact information is kept on our secured servers."

In addition to aiding customers in times of disaster, Smile Reminder also allows offices to streamline their daily routine and strengthen doctor/patient relationships. The service is also filled with useful features such as automated appointment reminders, personalized birthday greetings, electronic newsletters and post-appointment surveys.

Messages can be sent--on predefined schedules or at a moment's notice--to patients or select patients using a number of mobile and electronic devices. More health-care professionals are turning to Smile Reminder's software system to engage patients in an improved level of interactivity and customer service.

Hectic times call for support and reassurance. While nature occasionally creates unavoidable obstacles, Smile Reminder's convenient service acts as a valuable tool in keeping communication lines open all the time, even during times of uncertainty.

This is just one of the many ways in which Smile Reminder helps doctors and patients remain connected.

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