Demandforce launches D3 Enterprise Edition

Feb. 19, 2009
With software, group practices can leverage communications and reputational marketing technology to help increase production per office.

SAN FRANCISCO, California--Demandforce Inc., a Software as a Service provider in the Customer Demand Management space, has announced the launch of D3 Enterprise Edition.

The D3 Enterprise Edition is a solution that gives group managers a tool to communicate with patients, promote their practices, and manage their online reputation--either collectively or on an individual, per practice basis.

Group practices using D3 Enterprise Edition can now leverage the communication and reputational marketing platform that nearly 2,000 businesses are using to connect with more than six million customers.

"Demandforce is one of the most advanced and effective marketing tools for patient communications on the market," said Grant Sadler, CEO and founder of GMS Dental Centers. "I've seen it improve office efficiency, increase production, and give us the tools to manage our hard earned reputation, which we've built up over years. Given proper use of this new service, group practices that embrace this cutting-edge technology will reap significant rewards. It's one of the best products I've seen in years."

Demandforce D3 Enterprise Edition will give group practices a central location from which managers will be able to access summary and performance data, set up and manage communications, and monitor the group's online reputation in a single tab within the Demandforce D3 application.

Dubbed the Multi-Office tab, this central point will also give managers the ability to drill down into constituent practices as they evaluate the performance of their business.

According to Rick Berry, president of Demandforce, "Delivering value to group enterprises is a key part of our growth strategy. Organizations with multiple locations require enhanced functionality and Demandforce is committed to delivering features that will help our users manage, organize and track data across the enterprise."

In addition to the Multi-Office tab, Demandforce provides an extra layer of security by equipping group managers with the ability to designate varying levels of user access to the software platform.

This feature will give group managers the functionality to control various aspects of their business while still allowing individual practice employees to efficiently and effectively manage their patient base. This feature helps group managers who might be looking to retain a consistent and focused brand identity.

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