Add-on modules for practice-management software introduced

Oct. 26, 2006
Models eliminate double-entry, save time and decrease reliance on paper.

ROCHESTER, New York--Three new add-on modules for Eastman Kodak Company's WinOMS CS Practice Management Software will help oral surgeons save time, decrease double data entry, improve accuracy, and move toward a paperless office environment.

The three modules are:

*TRUFORM Software Integration Module, which incorporates PBHS Inc.'s TruForm Online Forms for patient registration and medical history data.

*QUICKBOOKS Software Integration Module, which incorporates Intuit Inc.'s
QUICKBOOKS software to facilitate accounting transactions.

*Digital Forms Module, which comprises propriety KODAK technology that enables dental practices to transition documents and documentation from paper to digital format.

TRUFORM Software Integration Module allows new patients to pre-register and complete medical history forms on the dental practice's web site, which office staff can review and create a new patient record in Kodak's WinOMS CS software before their first appointment.

This procedure saves time at check in; eliminates double data entry, which saves additional time; and reduces the inconvenience associated with paper forms. The patient registration data can be verified at the front desk, edited, and converted into a new patient account.

Front-desk staff also can review and edit any of the posted medical history data--after which the TRUFORM Software Integration Module will automatically apply changes to the patient file. This new add-on module also helps eliminate transcription errors and automatically checks for duplicate patient entries to prevent inadvertent creation of a second record.

QUICKBOOKS Software Integration Module will help save time, enabling practices to post daily deposits and refunds with a few mouse clicks. Security is maintained by automatically updating the information in QUICKBOOKS software without ever opening the software.

Prior to posting, the module allows staff to pre-check all patient refunds before they're sent to QUICKBOOKS software, verifying accuracy before posting.

Digital Forms Module paves the way to a paperless office environment by allowing offices to move all existing paper forms and documentation to digital. Staff can easily create secure digital ocuments and capture electronic signatures for all permanent records, including HIPAA compliance and consent forms, evaluation and treatment forms and many more.

Digital forms can be customized to suit the needs of each practice, and the forms are attached directly to the patient file, allowing for streamlined office flow and centralized patient information.

"These new add-on modules for WinOMS CS software help increase the efficiency and workflow of the practice," explained Jay Chitwood, market manager for Kodak's OMS division. "Doctors can improve their office productivity, while eliminating paper and saving precious time."