Company to support Planmeca products

Feb. 2, 2006
Patterson Technology Center to provide support and training for Planmeca digital imaging products sold by Patterson Dental.

ST. PAUL, Minn. –– Patterson Dental has announced that its Patterson Technology Center based in Effingham, Ill., now supports the entire line of Planmeca Digital X-ray products, including Planmeca's digital imaging software, intraoral sensors, and panoramic and cephalometric X-rays.

Patterson offers this new support plan for customers who have purchased their Planmeca digital imaging products from Patterson. Customers who use Planmeca products integrated with Patterson EagleSoft or with Planmeca's proprietary Dimaxis software will benefit from the ability to call one phone number for both software and digital X-ray support.

In addition, Certified Patterson Technology Instructors will provide software and product training to new Planmeca customers.

"This agreement improves a great partnership with Planmeca and provides the next level of service for our customers," said Patterson Technology Center Director Pam Hemmen. "The simplicity of making just one phone call means our customers can get the information they need easily and efficiently."

Planmeca designs, manufactures and markets high-tech dental equipment, including digital imaging products and dental care units. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Planmeca is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-tech dental equipment, and the largest privately owned company in the field.

For more information about the new support plan offered by Patterson Dental, call (800) 294-8504 or contact your local Patterson Dental Branch or technology representative.