Newgeneration of intraoral sensor technology for optimal dagnostics, treatment qualityto debut

Sept. 18, 2007
Designed to produce precise image quality within seconds, XIOS offers the advantages of digital radiography, saving considerable time and effort for the practitioner, and enhancing treatment quality.

LONG ISLAND CITY, New York--Sirona Dental Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-technology dental equipment, plans to announce the introduction of its new XIOS Intraoral Sensor System at the ADA convention in San Francisco.

The XIOS represents a new generation of intraoral sensors for optimal digital imaging. Designed to produce precise image quality within seconds--even during the most complex procedures--XIOS offers all the advantages of digital radiography, saving considerable time and effort for the practitioner, and enhancing treatment quality.

Sirona has integrated its ergonomic concept into XIOS, including a slim sensor design with rounded edges, for the easiest and most comfortable positioning in the patient's mouth. The cable attachment is located on the back of the sensor, requiring minimal space and is protected via a strain relief.

The sensor housing, with integrated shock absorption technology, optimally protects the chip and microelectronics during routine use. Sirona is also introducing new sensor positioners for XIOS--thin, disposable self-adhesive holders that are smaller than the sensor, which simplify the positioning in patients' mouths.

XIOS sensors cover the entire intraoral exposure spectrum with two available sizes--size 1 for children and special anatomical considerations, and size 2 for adult patients and bite wing exposures.

"Sirona has created the perfect intraoral sensor in XIOS," said John Smithson, Marketing Director for Imaging Systems at Sirona USA. "It is intelligent technology that is perfectly adapted to the individual patient, and is compatible with leading practice management software programs. The flexibility offered is unparalleled. Our SIDEXIS XG imaging software supports these sensors, panoramic units, and our new GALILEOS 3D digital system. Precise, real-time images combined with complete practice flexibility--this is a powerful new generation of tools for today's digital dental practice."

The XIOS sensors feature the latest CMOS APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology, which delivers low noise and optimal resolution. The automatic pre-processing produces excellent image quality for all patients every time.

Practitioners can see and diagnose immediately from the images displayed--a significant advantage when taking X-rays chair side during a complex treatment.

Used in combination with its SIDEXIS XG image processing software, Sirona simplifies diagnostics, documentation, and patient communications. Filters, measuring tools, and analysis functions retrieve complete information from every digital image. Drawing tools and electronic memos enable productive and clear communication with patients and colleagues.

"Fast, flexible, and easy imaging for immediate and accurate diagnostics--that is the power of XIOS," Smithson added. "Our sole focus is to design and develop tools that simplify work for the user, while also delivering optimal performance. We've accomplished this with the new XIOS intraoral sensors."

To find out more about XIOS, call Sirona at (800) 659.5977 or visit Sirona at Sirona Dental Systems.