New version of practice-managaement software drives efficiency, integration

June 4, 2007
KODAK PRACTICEWORKS provides enhanced options for smoother, simpler office operations.

ROCHESTER, New York--Building on the tradition of intuitive, easy-to-use software, a new version of KODAK PRACTICEWORKS Practice Management Software features enhanced options for smoother, simpler office operations, and better integration and efficiency.

With PRACTICEWORKS Software v7.0, dental practitioners and their staff can rely on a full suite of powerful tools to perform daily tasks more effectively. Office operations become less complicated with easy-to-use, intuitive features that enrich the new version of the software.

Enhancements and features
PRACTICEWORKS Software v7.0 offers Practice Central feature, which allows users to see unconfirmed appointments, referred patients, and patients with multiple appointments; it also presents several new scheduling options.

Users can print the Practice Central window to have a hard copy for team meetings. This practical feature helps streamline office workflow and makes the practice more productive.

The Integrated Prescription Writer--another new feature that enhances practice effectiveness--allows users to easily track and write prescriptions, saving valuable time. Prescriptions can quickly become part of a patient's clinical record and can be authored in less than two minutes.

To simplify the process of tracking referrals, PRACTICEWORKS Software v7.0 provides a Referral Tracking option that enables tracking within a patient's clinical record. Easy access to this and other features speeds up the office's daily operations.

Finally, the reports feature in the new version of the software is redesigned and reorganized for easier access to the reporting function within the software. Menus are more intuitive and are set up so that reports can be created more easily.

Cutting edge product integration
With PRACTICEWORKS Software v7.0, dental practices can access the functionality of KODAK Dental Imaging Software--the software that runs their digital radiography and photography systems--right from their practice management desktops.

Users can view, manage, and even acquire digital radiography images without switching between computers or software programs. PRACTICEWORKS Software works the way your practice works and provides information to the user, reducing the practitioner's need to search for data.

"Since we develop, manufacture and market an entire portfolio of dental practice management and digital imaging software and equipment, we are uniquely positioned to help make practice integration a reality," noted Paul Tucker, director of marketing for PracticeWorks Inc. "With PRACTICEWORKS Software v7.0, practices who turn to us for technology solutions can realize the benefits of our commitment to practice integration."

For more information about Kodak dental systems, contact a PracticeWorks representative, call (800) 944-6365, or visit PracticeWorks.