KODAK SOFTDENT announces practice-management software upgrade

Dec. 27, 2004
Upgrade adds new features, supports enhanced practice integration

An upgrade to KODAK SOFTDENT Practice Management Software enables dental professionals to more fully integrate their practices for improved efficiency and patient care.

With KODAK SOFTDENT Software, Version 11.0, dental practices can access the functionality of KODAK Digital Imaging Software -- the software that runs their digital radiography and photography systems -- right from their practice management desktops. Users can view, manage and even acquire digital radiography images, without switching between computers or software programs.

"Dental professionals know that seamless integration is vital to today's practice, driving improved patient care and practice efficiencies." said Paul Tucker, dental market manager, Kodak's Dental Systems Group. "Version 11.0 software now easily delivers that image and patient data integration -- along with other key features our customers asked us to develop."

Enhancements Improve Efficiency, Patient Privacy
Other enhancements included in the Version 11.0 software include:
** Revised and improved clinical chart workspace. Users can now maneuver through the charting software by clicking on folder tabs, minimizing the number of steps required to manage charts, scheduling and other tasks.
** Enhancements for HIPPA security. Using tools now provided with Version 11.0 software, dental practices can better prepare for the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to go into effect in April 2005: the upgrade features a robust, HIPAA-compliant password system and an "automatic log-off" function to minimize the risk that an unattended computer will display patient information inappropriately.
** Updated Current Dental Terminology (CDT). The upgrade includes the American Dental Association's CDT-2005 for accurate insurance claim processing.

"You can really see the Kodak influence," said Ron Cavola, DDS, a general dentist practicing in Atlanta, GA who has tested the new version in his office. "When you think of Kodak, you think of products that are friendly and easy to use. This version of SOFTDENT Software makes it so easy to do things like access clinical data and acquire images. It's always been great practice management software, but Kodak has made it even better."

The interface is more intuitive, Dr. Cavola said, and the software design more closely matches typical practice workflows. "It's really saving my staff steps. There are these wonderful little touches. For example, now if we schedule a 6-year-old patient, the software automatically knows the patient won't have permanent teeth. It helps our staff manage appointments more smoothly."

Accommodating Over 100 Customer Suggestions
The Version 11.0 Software upgrade incorporates over 100 suggestions from Kodak customers, including improved auto-scheduling capabilities and the ability to print and display a patient's age in the daybook. Automated insurance limitations are now also supported.

"We have a longstanding commitment to our customers to solicit input from them as we plan enhancements to our products," said Bonnie Pugh, product manager, Kodak's Dental Systems Group. "We collect information that comes in through our customer call centers, our users meetings, training coordinators, and other, more specialized venues."

Among the specialized meetings was a Practice Management Summit Kodak hosted last March for customers who have switched from older practice management software programs to SOFTDENT Software. Support team members invited these customers to tell Kodak what features they would most like to see incorporated into future practice management solutions. "Sessions like the summit help us prioritize our development efforts," Pugh said. "As a result, customers who upgrade to SOFTDENT Version 11.0 will love the new software and its feature set."

Enhanced Customer Support
Tucker also noted that Kodak has invested new resources into its customer support services, including boosting its support staff by 25 percent in the past year. "We know that quality support is essential for our customers, and we've dedicated our resources accordingly."

Version 11.0, available now, is being shipped at no extra charge to dental practices who have enrolled in the software's Advantage Plan support program.

For more information on KODAK SOFTDENT Software, or to enroll in the Advantage Plan, dental professionals can call (800) 944-6365, visit www.kodak.com/dental, or contact their regional KODAK products representative.