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Dear Boss: Your son is ruining your dental practice

Dec. 7, 2020
As this office manager explains in a "Dear Boss" letter, the dentist takes pride in running a family-owned practice. But his son is wreaking havoc with the staff and patients, and the dentist seems blissfully unaware. The team is out of patience.

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Dear Boss,

I know you’re a nice person and are good at what you do. But if there are not big changes in the office soon, I’m not sure how much longer your practice will stay afloat.

I don’t think you have any idea how your office manager is running the practice. I know it’s tough because it’s your son who is to blame, and I also know you take pride in the fact that you’ve built a family-owned practice. However, your son is the most incompetent person I’ve ever worked with in all of my 10 years in dentistry.

He often makes mistakes on patient payments; he’s never willing to help during busy times, as if he’s too good to answer a phone; his ego has become insufferable; and he belittles the staff and tries to pass off offensive comments as jokes. Most of all he never takes the blame for any of his mistakes. Several patients have complained about his impolite behavior, and the entire staff is enraged. Our whole office is in disarray! 

If you continue to turn a blind eye to this issue, you will not only lose all of your patients, you will lose all of your staff! The morale of the office is at its absolute worst. Something needs to be done about the dragon running the office, and fast


Dragon slayer needed!

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