Dentist takes "all in one" approach to oral care

Aug. 2, 2005
Natural takes on mainstream with green tea fortified toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and breath fresheners.

Antibacterial, Anticavity, Antigingivitis, Antiplaque, Antitartar, Whitening, Antioxidant.

Seldom do you see all of these claims in a single oral care product. Chalk it up to marketing, but if you look closely at the toothpaste aisle, you'll find most commercial and natural toothpastes come in different formulas. Those looking for whiter teeth go for the "Whitening" formulas while other prefer "Tartar Control" or "Antiplaque."

"It just doesn't make sense," says Dr. Ken Nussen, a practicing dentist for
over 20 years who started his own oral care company last fall called Dr.
Ken's. "Who, besides marketers, wouldn't want everything in one toothpaste  or mouthwash?" Such was the realization that led Dr. Ken Nussen to start an oral care line using only 100% natural ingredients.

Brushing up on MAXIMUM CARE toothpaste
Using a patented green tea emulsion (a natural cavity fighter and antioxidant), Papaya and Sodium Bicarbonate for Whitening, Zinc Oxide and
Citric Acid to control tartar and natural mineral cleansers, Dr. Ken's
Toothpastes takes a decidedly holistic approach. Sweetened with natural
Stevia extract and offered in fluoride and fluoride free versions, Dr. Ken's
MAXIMUM CARE toothpaste is naturally flavored and comes in Spearmint Cool and Wintergreen Fresh flavors.

Wash your mouth out with alcohol?
"That surprised look on the faces of actors trying mouthwash in TV
commercials comes from alcohol," adds Dr. Nussen. "As a dentist, I can tell
you alcohol has little therapeutic value taken orally. I am continually
astounded how many popular mouthwashes use it." Not unlike his toothpaste line, Dr. Ken's mouthwash combines carefully selected natural ingredients including green tea and soothing aloe vera gel in a mouthwash that is Antibacterial, Anticavity, Antigingivitis, Antiplaque, Antitartar, and Whitening.

Traveling Dental Floss and Gum for your Gums
The inspiration for Dr. Ken's oral care line began with a unique flossing
product called Floss&Go, the first single use dental floss on the market. Each
individually-wrapped Floss&Go packet contains the perfect length of green
tea impregnated dental floss for convenient flossing just about anywhere and is in use in dental offices, dental schools and other institutions nationally.

Rounding out his dental care line, Dr. Ken also offers naturally flavored gum
sweetened with Xylitol  a sweetener that actually prevents tooth decay -
and a line of green tea infused breath strips that come in mint, cinnamon and anise flavors.