Rolly Mini Brush

Rolly Disposable Mini Brush thoroughly cleans teeth on the go

Nov. 4, 2013
This little toothbrush is discreet and thorough

What do you tell patients who are unable to brush their teeth and freshen their breath between meals? Do you recommend gum? Breath mints with xylitol? On-the-go flossers? Disposable teeth wipes?

How about telling patients about the world’s smallest toothbrush — Rolly Mini Toothbrush on the Go.

This cute little 5/8 inch mini toothbrush with 276 bristles can be popped into a person’s mouth and rolled around for clean teeth and fresh breath in seconds, no water or sink required. By rolling Rolly between teeth with the tongue, the mechanical action of the bristles will remove any trace of food from the teeth, including those areas that are hard to reach. Fluoride and xylitol will leave the mouth clean and breath fresh.

The main ingredients in the Rolly brush are mint flavor to freshen breath, fluoride to make teeth stronger, and xylitol to inhibit dental plaque and cavities. Rolly is made of a kind of plastic which is suitable for food and not toxic bought from one of the world’s biggest producers.

Studies were carried out on the potential possibility of swallowing Rolly and its transit in the stomach and intestines, through a simulation in a dynamic model. The results said the product did not release any trace or lose any part during the transit in the mouth, stomach, and intestine.

New York University College of Dentistry Bluestone Center of Clinical Research carried out studies on the efficacy of Rolly against dental plaque. Their conclusions were: “Rolly is the best way to destroy dental plaque, just after the toothbrush and toothpaste. Approval among consumers is high very similar to those of chewing gum. The sensation of freshness and cleanliness is the same that can be obtained through the use of toothbrush and toothpaste.”

Tolly mini brush is produced and packed in Italian specialised industries, following strict hygienic rules. The packaging used is the same as the pharmacy industry, which makes it safe and hygienic.

Many dental professionals have become fans of the handy little Rolly brush. Dr. Madrid Uso Jr., said, “Fantastic product! As a dentist, I found this product to be effective. My patients love Rolly. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys having fresh breath and the feeling of confidence that comes with brushing. This product is not a replacement for the toothbrush, but is great for when one is away from home.

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