The stuff of dental dreams: Toothbrush cleans in 6 seconds flat

Oct. 2, 2013
Blizzdent is tailored to each person's teeth
Meg Kaiser, Associate Editor

The advertising claims of this new toothbrush are the stuff of dental professionals' dreams — give patients a product that will clean their teeth in six seconds flat. Not only that, but it will clean the tongue and floss at the same time!

These are the claims of Blizzident, a new toothbrush custom fit for every person's mouth, with a design that resembles a household cleaning tool combined with a children's Happy Meal toy. But that's just my opinion. If it works, who cares what it looks like?

People are instructed to "bite and grind" their teeth while using the Blizzident designed specifically for their mouth, which is a "dense field of tailored bristles." This grinding leads to perfectly clean teeth and mouth in six seconds. Blizzident says it leaves no room for user error, which can be common with manual toothbrushes.

Dental professionals can visit the Blizzident website for a demonstration and explanation of what makes Blizzident work.

In a nutshell — the tailored bristles are placed on the surface of the teeth at a 45-degree angle, as well as aligned along the gumline at a 45-degree angle. Also, there are interdental brushes between the teeth. To tailor each brush, the Blizzident creators use a 3-D model of the patient's teeth, which is created from the dentist's impression.

The floss is optional, but there are slits into which patients can insert dental floss, which is then perfectly positioned to reach the interdental regions. The Blizzident handle can contain the dental floss.

A combination tongue scraper/brush is located jsut above the tongue, so while the patient is biting and grinding the tongue is automatically cleaned.

According to the website, clinical studies will be published soon.

Blizzident will last for one year, and a new one costs $159. Refurbished ones are available for $89. If a person's teeth change during that time, simply send the company a new impression and the brush will be updated at an additional cost.


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