Special offers in August 2012 RDH

Aug. 8, 2012
The August 2012 issue of RDH contained these special offers from advertisers.

Company/Product: Preventech Pivot NL Non-Latex Disposable Prophy Angle. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.preventech.com or call (800) 474-8681.

Company/Product: Premier Dental Products Company 2pro Disposable Prophy Angle. Offer: Get 20 free 2pro; 3 plus 1 offer. Where: Visit www.premusa.com/try2protoday or call (888) 670-6100.

Company/Product: Waterpik/UltraThin Fluoride Varnish and UltraControl Fluoride Foam. Offer: Specialtrial offers. Where: Visit www.fluoride.waterpik.com or call (800) 525-2020.

Company/Product: Microflex/Ultraform Exam Gloves. Offer: Free sample box. Promo Code: UFRDH. Where: Call (877) 732-6585.

Company/Product: Young Dental/Elite Series Prophy Products. Offer: Free samples and special promotion, plus sweepstakes entry. Where: Visit www.prophywithapurpose.com/sample

Company/Product: DMG America/Kolorz ClearShield Fluoride Varnish. Offer: Freesamples. Promo Code: RDHCS. Where: Visit www.dmg-america.com/clearshield, call (800) 662-6283, or mail or fax coupon.

Company/Product: GlaxoSmithKline/Sensodyne ProNamel. Offer: Freesamples. Where: Visit www.dental-professional.com/RDH.

Company/Product: Pulpdent Embrace Varnish. Offer: Freesample. Where: Call (800) 343-4243, (617) 926-6666, or email [email protected].

Company/Product: PDI/Sani-Cloth AF3. Offer: Free sample. Where: Visit www.pdipdi.com.

Company/Product: DentsplyRinn XCP-DS Fit Universal Sensor Positioning System. Offer: Two plus one offer available. Where: Visit http://www.rinncorp.com/.

Company/Product: Dental Influencers Empowerment Series 2012. Offer: Free telesummit. Where: Visit dentalinfluencers.com/telesummit2012.

Company/Product: Northrup Grumman Logicon caries detector software. Offer: Save up to 25% when you buy Logicon software and an RVG 6100 sensor together. Where: Visit https://www2.carestreamdental.com, or call (800) 944-6365.

Company/Product: UltraSeal XT Hydro sealant. Offer: Free sample. Where: Scan QR code in magazine, or visit www.ultradent.com.

Company/Product: Aurelia Perform and Transform Gloves. Offer: Freesample kit. Where: Visit www.aureliagloves.com.

Company/Product: Sunstar/GUM Technique Deep Clean toothbrushes. Offer: Freesample. Where: Visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/DeepClean.

Company/Product: PacDent ProMate Prophy Handpiece. Offer: Freesamples. Promo Code: RDJJAN2012. Where: Visit http://www.pac-dent.com, email [email protected], call (909) 839-0888, or see your authorized dealer.

Company/Product: Sunstar/GUM Periodontal Products. Offer: Specialoffer of six bottles of alcohol-free GUM Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse at $6 per bottle. Where: Visit http://www.gumbrand.com/, or call (800) 528-8537.

Company/Product: DUX Dental Bib-Eze bib holders. Offer: Freebox of Bib-Eze when you send in an old bib holder, plus company will donate $5 toMammograms in Action for each used bib holder received. Where: Mail used bib holders to Bib-Eze Exchange, DUX Dental, 600 E. Hueneme Rd, Oxnard CA 93033.

Company/Product: Hu-Friedy. Offers: Freeinstrument trials, free online CE credits. Where: Visit www.Hu-Friedy.com.

Company/Product: C-Mor Mirrors. Offers: Buy a box of four C-Mor Mirror Heads and get a free Stainless Steel Handle. Where: Call (800) 22-FLEXI to order

Company/Product: DentsplyRinn Uni-Grip 360 universal sensor holder. Offer: Try it free and view current promotions. Where: Visit www.RinnCorp.com/

Company/Product: INeedCE. Offer: 10% discount on any course. Promo Code: PRINTAD. Where: Visit www.ineedce.com, email [email protected], or call (888) 463-3323.

Please refer to the advertisement in the magazine or contact the company directly for the specific details pertaining to the offers listed above. You can access the digital version of the magazine by visiting http://online.qmags.com/RDH0812/Default.aspx.