Whiskey Toothpaste

Did Mad Men brush with whiskey toothpaste?

Dec. 20, 2012
Did Ke$ha know that whiskey toothpaste existed?
I'm guessing this product made Mad Men's Don Draper happy. Apart from her unique spelling choices, Ke$ha is probably best known for her song lyric, "Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack."
While some might find the idea of using whiskey instead of Crest disgusting, Ke$ha explained to Vanity Fair that "Jack Daniels is an anti-bacterial and it's way better than morning breath. Let me put it this way, if you wake up naked in a bathtub and you have the choice between rinsing out with Jack Daniels or trying to make out with some dude with morning breath, I would recommend picking up the Jack." And it turns out that Ke$ha might have been on to something. We found an ad for Whiskey Tooth Paste that appeared in a 1961 issue of House and Garden magazine, via Sociological Images. The spot advertises it as a "real he-man toothpaste" (think Don Draper) and the "best argument yet for brushing three times a day." Read the entire article on businesswire.com.