How to protect teeth from acids

June 14, 2023
You may think you know which beverages (hello, regular soda) erode enamel over time. But there are many more culprits to look out for. Here's how you can keep your enamel while still enjoying acidic drinks.

Almost everyone knows sugar is problematic our health. But many people are in the dark about how much damage sugar-free and carbonated beverages can cause, especially when consumed many times throughout the day.

Few people out there are willing to switch to drinking regular water only—we wouldn’t want to! Here are several straightforward suggestions Bethany Montoya, RDH, shares with her patients to help them minimize the negative impacts of beverages to their oral health.

Material adapted from "Acidic drinks and teeth" by Bethany Montoya, RDH, originally published September 21, 2022

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Bethany Montoya, BAS, RDH

Bethany Montoya, BAS, RDH, is a practicing dental hygienist, editorial director of DentistryIQ's Clinical Insights newsletter, and a key opinion leader. She has advanced knowledge and training in complex cosmetic dentistry, dental sleep medicine, and implant dentistry. Recently, she has devoted her time to dentistry’s personal and interpersonal aspects through her social media brand, @humanrdh. Contact Bethany at [email protected].

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