Chairside Connection: Coping strategies to help dental pros achieve a fulfilling career

July 5, 2023
Who doesn't want a happy and healthy career? But face it—sometimes that's hard. Jo-Anne Jones, RDH, talks coping strategies with Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz.

In my discussion with Jo-Anne Jones, we cannot stress enough the importance of a strong work-life balance in our high-demand career. We realize that all personalities are different, but leaning on each other can be a very helpful tool. Only fellow dental pros truly understand what we experience.

Stress will happen, there’s no getting around it. Knowing what reenergizes you is a huge step in taking care of yourself. When things become overwhelming, and even if they aren’t extra bad, take time to reenergize. Work-life balance is not overrated.

Don't be afraid to approach the subject with your team. Maybe someone is afraid of expressing their concerns, or don't quite know how to get out from under their stress. Supporting each other can help immensely.

Hear what else Jo-Anne and I share here, and let us help you get your life back!  

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