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The cloud and dentistry

Feb. 21, 2015
How the cloud is transforming dentistry.

Technology is continuously changing and progressing, and with it, so are the dynamics of the health-care system. In order to keep up to date, an emerging trend in dentistry is the shift from the medium of paper based systems; the digitized storage of patient information on an online network known as "the cloud."

The Cloud and Dentistry

Rather than saving data locally to your computer’s hard drive, the term cloud computing refers to the centralization of data storage and access over the Internet. The cloud essentially extends data to remote servers that are synced together. This allows for automated data storage along with other online computer resources.

In dentistry, this technology is directly applicable to the common practice of cephalometric analysis, a diagnostic process that contains sensitive digital information pertaining to the patient that must be easily accessible and safely stored. Cloud computing changes the way dental practitioners manage and interact with this information because all of the patient's details are stored in one centralized location offsite. This reduces the risk of missing or scattering important client data. Moreover, it is a cost-saver with regard to IT issues as data backups and software updates are automated. This also cuts the need for employees to cope with ongoing maintenance and software training.

The Benefits of the Cloud

There are numerous reasons why businesses in dentistry are modernizing their practices by making the switch to the cloud over traditional IT or paper-based storage methods. For the purposes of doctor-patient confidentiality, it is crucial that information gathered in cephalometric analysis is safe and secure.


The beauty of the cloud is that you are empowered with the ability to work anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have multiple offices, or if you need to work from home or are mobile—you won’t be restricted from obtaining patient information when you need it. Moreover, the cloud provides you with the ability to reach out to other health-care networks at a moment's notice.


For dentists considering the cloud for their business, the prospect of storing and sharing client information over the Internet can appear intimidating. However, it doesn’t need to be. The good news is when information is synchronized across several remote servers, it is passed through multiple channels of security and firewalls. This gives practitioners reassurance and a heightened peace of mind when relying on the cloud. Moreover, in the event of power outages or other potential natural disasters, all data is securely saved and stored in a remote location.

The benefits of cloud computing are great in the dental industry. The advantage of unlimited access to your patients files, coupled with easy file sharing and cross communication with clients, makes everyday operations that much easier.

Author bio: Daniel Abraham is President at cephX, a technology that is an easy to use, cloud-based system that provides Orthodontists and Dentists with accurate Cephalometric analyses and convenient image storage. He loves writing about all things medical and technology oriented.