5 more targets for a successful practice -- Part 2

Aug. 4, 2011
How do you create a successful dental practice? Roger Levin, DDS, says practice success depends on constant improvement. Here, he gives you five more targets your practice should aim for ... with a link to the previous five from the last e-newsletter in case you missed it!
By Roger P. Levin, DDSClick here to read Part 1 of this series. Practice success depends on constant improvement. Setting defined targets is one of the best ways to achieve breakthrough performance. When you set challenging objectives, they force you and your team to come up with workable solutions. That’s how improvement happens!Here are five more targets your practice should aim for:1. Have 98% of your patients on the schedule. Patients should not leave the office without scheduling their next appointment. It’s always easier dealing with patients face-to-face than trying to get them on the phone at home or work. 2. Collect 90% of your accounts receivable within 30 days and the rest within 60 days. The longer it takes to collect, the greater the chance of nonpayment. Emphasize to patients that payment should be made at the time of service, including any insurance co-payments. 3. Have at least 40% of your patients refer someone else to your practice.Provide such a “WOW” experience that your patients will refer their friends and neighbors. Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective and least expensive form of marketing. 4. Reduce overhead percentages.Growing production is the best way to reduce overhead as a percentage of collection. In addition, practices should look at every expense category for opportunities to reduce costs. The target for a GP practice should be 59% or lower. 5. Grow production by 15% over the next 12 months. Your daily goal should be aligned with hitting this target. Put in the updated systems — case presentation, marketing, scheduling, etc. — that fuel practice growth. By consistently hitting the daily target, you’ll achieve the annual goal. Our clients have experienced tremendous success with targets. These doctors implement step-by-step systems that allow their practices to attain desired objectives. Targets drive performance and motivate the team to unleash the practice’s true potential. First, you set the targets, then you build the systems to achieve the objectives, and you train the team with Value Creation Scripting.Visit Levin Group’s Resource Center at www.levingroupgp.com for a wide range of educational materials, including the Tip of the Day, newsletters, and white papers. You can also connect with Levin Group on Facebook and Twitter (Levin_Group) for tips, news, and sharing ideas. Author bioRoger P. Levin, DDS, is chairman and CEO of Levin Group, a leading dental management consulting firm that is dedicated to improving the lives of dentists through a diverse portfolio of lifetime services and solutions. Levin Group may be reached at (888) 973-0000, or www.levingroupgp.com.