The Madow Brothers Announce Official Date and Location for "The Best Seminar Ever"

Sept. 8, 2011
September 11 and 12 will be the dates for the 17th annual "The Best Seminar Ever," where dentists can earn up to 16 CEs,

Save the date 11-11-11

Baltimore, MD — September 11 and 12 will be the dates for "The Best Seminar Ever" (TBSE) event to be held by Dr. Richard H. Madow and Dr. David M. Madow, better known in the dental industry as “The Madow Brothers.”

The 2011 17th annual TBSE event will be held at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Open to all dentists and team members, The Best Seminar Ever is unlike any other seminar in the dental industry. Voted dentistry’s best seminar each year since its inception, the speaker lineup is a nonstop flow of the most engaging information and motivation ever seen at a dental seminar.

Known as two of the greatest showmen in dentistry, The Madow Brothers, for the first time, will also be keynote speakers. “This year at TBSE, we will be hitting the stage and giving the audience our absolute BEST OF THE BEST material,” remarked Dr. Richard Madow. “We will reveal exactly what you need to do now in your practice that will guarantee you have your best year ever. And, seriously, that is a guarantee! Whatever you do, don't miss The Madow Brothers as we take the stage for the first time!”

Each year, The Madow Brothers bring their legendary brand of "infotainment" that attendees have come to expect and love. Dental professionals can earn up to 16 continuing education credits while attending engaging lectures, entertaining events, and an exhibit hall packed with the most popular manufacturers and products in the industry. Dentists and their team members alike will greatly benefit from this exciting event that includes the finest motivational speakers and educational programs in the industry.

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is one of the top Las Vegas mega-resorts that truly have it all. Incredible dining and top shopping destinations are located right on the premises of Planet Hollywood. Moreover, there is top-notch entertainment and gaming that only a Las Vegas mega-resort can provide.

For more information or to register for The Best Seminar Ever, please visit To speak to a TBSE event concierge, please call 888-88-MADOW.

The Madow Brothers have enlisted an impressive lineup of distinguished speakers who will present lectures on engaging topics, such as:

1. Dr. David Hornbrook – “Clinical Excellence – Does your Practice Need a Jump?”
Dr. David Hornbrook, founder of PAC-Live and The Hornbrook Group, will be center stage and ready to show how this is the year to jump-start your practice like never before. In his warm and entertaining style, he will show you what you need to know to be up-to-date in the practice of esthetic dentistry, teach you the tips and tricks to make it happen, and inspire the entire team towards excellence! Don’t miss a true master, Dr. David Hornbrook, in this rare TBSE appearance!

2. Dr. Ryan Swain – “Success with Six Month Smiles.” As President and Chief Clinical Instructor of Six Month Smiles, Dr. Swain has traveled all over the world teaching dentists how to do short-term orthodontics successfully, predictably, and profitably. Dr. Swain will have attendees excited and enthusiastic about adding something to the dental practice that patients love, is fun and easy to do, and, best of all, incredibly profitable. He is considered the expert on ortho for GPs.

3. Dr. Hugh Flax – “The Dream Practice – It’s Within Your Reach!” Dr. Flax is President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is one of the most accomplished and successful dentists in North America and comes to TBSE ready to teach true secrets to practice elevation. Dr. Flax will demonstrate how to achieve an incredible level of excellence, create the practice of your dreams, earn a fantastic income, and have a great time while doing so. He is one of the pioneers of the truly esthetic dental practice, and has been featured on TV, radio, and numerous publications and newspapers, including the "Wall Street Journal."

4. An Incredibly Rare Appearance by Australia’s Kathy Metaxas – “The Total Team” In what is considered the most remote city in the world, the tiny town of Perth, Australia, there is someone who is rocking the world of dentistry. Kathy Metaxas is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker who will make her first appearance at the event.

5. Special Celebrity Guest Chef Jeff Henderson
Celebrity chef, talk show host, bestselling author, and ABC “Person Of The Week,” Jeff Henderson has something cooking for TBSE! Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Henderson knew crime at an early age. By age 19, he was running a million-dollar cocaine operation. Eventually arrested and incarcerated, he discovered his passion for cooking while doing kitchen duty. Once out of prison, he channeled the same intense ambition that had nearly ruined his life to help him rise to some of the best kitchens in the country. Henderson has been praised by Oprah Winfrey, featured on "Good Morning America," NPR, "People" magazine, "USA Today," and countless more news and TV shows. When you hear his story, you’ll realize that you too can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

5. The Madow Brothers – Founders of The Best Seminar Ever
The Madow Brothers have taken the industry by storm with their unique and motivational teaching approach. For over two decades, The Madow Brothers have been teaching dentists and team members how to be more successful in their personal lives and professional practices. The in-demand national speakers incorporate entertaining skits, songs, and actual weddings as part of their seminars.

6. Dr. Rich Hirschinger – “How to Get Tons of New Patients by DOMINATING Google!” Dr. Rich Hirschinger is the world’s leading expert on SEO – “Search Engine Optimization” – for dental practices. In this eye-opening presentation, he will show why some offices are lost on the information superhighway, while others are dominating Google. Dr. Hirschinger is a dentist, MBA, an expert on SEO, and personal friends with a big shot at one of the major search engines. He has the inside information that dental practices need to play by the new rules and obtain search engine dominance.

7. Special Guest Jeff Civillico – “Branding Your Passion”
What can someone who holds the world record for bungee jumping off a unicycle and once ran an entire marathon while juggling teach you about success in dentistry? A lot! As one of the country’s most in-demand entertainers and motivational speakers, Jeff Civillico has trained thousands of people from all walks of life to be their absolute best. Recent speaking engagements include the White House and the Kennedy Center.

8. Fred Joyal – “The Future Of Dentistry”
As co-founder of 1-800-DENTIST and one of the greatest marketing minds in the profession, Fred Joyal’s “crystal ball” has helped thousands of practices survive and thrive in every economy. In his presentation, Joyal will share key tips, such as how to enhance the experience of your practice; how to deal with a world where patients expect reviews, price comparisons, and online appointments; improving the effect of your advertising dollar; capitalizing on digital communications; what to expect in the future with the upcoming shortage of dentists; and much more!

. Dr. Bill Busch – “Your Most Successful Practice Ever!” Dr. Busch, a successful practitioner and founder of the North Kansas City Dental Group, has been a pioneer in the use of dental technology since its onset. He has mastered the art of combining high-tech with old-fashioned service while stressing patient comfort. His love of dentistry and enthusiasm for helping others have garnered him awards and recognition from many organizations, including Procter & Gamble, 3M, the American Dental Association, and many more. Dr. Busch will show how any dentist can stand above the crowd, deliver exceptional care, get not just the team but the entire community excited about the practice, and reach unprecedented levels of success.

10. The Incredible Sean Stephenson – “Time To Stand!”
Sean Stephenson was born with the rare disease osteogenesis imperfecta, which not only confines him to a wheelchair, but makes his bones so brittle that if he laughs too hard he will shatter a rib. At the hospital where he was supposed to die at birth, nobody suspected that years later he would graduate with high honors from DePaul University. Stephenson has traveled the world helping others. He worked as a Presidential Liaison in the White House, is a published author, has appeared on Oprah, CNN, the Discovery Health Channel, CBS News, "The New York Times," and hundreds of other media outlets.

For over two decades, The Madow Brothers have been teaching dentists and team members how to be more successful in their personal lives and professional practices. Founders of The Best Seminar Ever, The Madow Brothers have taken the industry by storm with their unique and motivational teaching approach. The in-demand national speakers incorporate entertaining skits, songs, and actual weddings as part of their seminars.