The top 10 articles in DE Expert Tips and Tricks during 2011

Dec. 21, 2011
Here is a list of the 10 most popular articles, according to our readers, that have run in DE Expert Tips & Tricks during 2011. Make sure you don’t miss reading any of these.

Here is a list of the 10 most popular articles that have run in DE Expert Tips & Tricks during 2011. Make sure you don’t miss reading any of these.

Clinical tip: how to easily remove broken abutment screws in dental implants
For those restoring dental implants, an unfortunate but often unavoidable occurrence is a broken abutment screw. Dr. Gordon Christensen talks about two different ways to remove the screw when this happens.

Current research: new findings on crown preparation ferrule needs
Dr. Gordon Christensen explains the findings of a recent study and gives his advice about the use of ferrules in crown preps.

Why do 50% of sealants fall off after five years of service?
Dr. Gordon Christensen tells you the essential steps to make sealants last longer and caries detection more accurate.

8 low-cost ways to increase new-patient numbers
Patients assume you know how to do the dentistry; what they come for is friendliness, a reasonable wait time, a great atmosphere, and — most importantly — the relationship. Dr. Rhonda Savage gives you eight inexpensive marketing ideas you can use to boost your new-patient numbers.

7 habits of financially unsuccessful dentists
Brian Hufford, CPA, CFP, believes the key for dentists to achieve financial success is to get others to do the work, as inexpensively as possible, while assuming the role of practice leader. He raises the red flag against these seven bad habits that you absolutely must avoid.

Current research: sealants recommended only for apparently noncarious teeth
There has been much confusion about when to seal a tooth with a sealant material. Dr. Gordon Christensen speaks definitively on the subject and cites scientific literature for a solid recommendation.

Clinical tip: how to make crown lengthening easy
When there is not enough sound tooth structure to provide retention for a planned crown or fixed prosthesis abutment, should you do crown lengthening? Dr. Gordon Christensen gives you tips to make the procedure easy and successful.

5 dental technology predictions for 2011
Dr. Larry Emmott’s five predictions about dental technology for 2011 will help you plan for the coming year and make better decisions about what to buy.

Current research: how to produce increased bond to enamel with self-etch bonding agents
Dr. Gordon Christensen reports on a significant research finding relative to the adequacy of bond to enamel produced by self-etch bonding agents. He explains the best technique to use supported by the latest research.

Current research: flowable resins vary significantly in radiopacity
Dr. Gordon Christensen summarizes a recent study of flowable resin composites and advises which types to use.