Welcome to the inaugural Proofs e-newsletter

Sept. 8, 2009
What once was a vision is now a reality, says Proofs editor Kevin Henry.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Proofs e-newsletter. I must admit I’m very excited to see this one-time vision actually become a reality … Proofs is now a monthly publication (print in some months, digital in others, and for five months out of the year, print and digital!) so I’m anxious to see how this new venture grows and prospers. Of course, one of the ways I hope it will grow is through new readers, so I encourage you to please pass this along to your friends and colleagues in the industry. They can subscribe to the print version of Proofs or the e-newsletter at http://www.omeda.com/prf/. As always, I also strongly encourage you to send me your company’s information on events, promotions, new hires, happenings, and anything else of interest to the dental industry. You can reach me at [email protected].

Of course, one of the things I’m most excited about when it comes to a monthly e-newsletter (the Proofs e-newsletter will arrive the third Tuesday of every month) is that we’ll be able to bring you very recent and timely industry happenings and analyses. This first issue is a perfect example of that as I hope you’ll read my interview with Jim Goodman of the ADA on the upcoming annual session in Hawaii. I know many people in the industry look at trade shows as a necessary evil -- a great way to meet customers and show off products, but also a very expensive and time-consuming venture. I know trade show analysis and discussion will be a big part of future Proofs e-newsletters, and your comments on this article and others are welcome.

I plan to show you a mix of articles and videos in upcoming e-newsletters, but I’d also like to hear from you on what you’d like to see. What would help you in your everyday job? With the resources of industry-leading magazines like RDH and Dental Economics and the ever-growing Dental Assisting Digest e-newsletter available for reference, the sky is the limit when it comes to reaching dental practitioners and learning from them to improve your skills and knowledge.

What’s the bottom line? This is the first step on a long journey, and I hope you’ll play an active role as this e-newsletter continues to grow and evolve.

Read on, this is your e-newsletter…