Pearls For Your Practice: A less expensive, in-office whitening option for your patients

Nov. 18, 2010
Dr. Joe Blaes reviews Dash from Discus Dental.

By Joe Blaes, DDS

I feel like I have my systems in place to run my office efficiently. But sometimes these systems break down and chaos ensues. Have you ever had a patient want his or her teeth bleached for an important event in a couple of days?

The solution is easy — an in-office bleaching. But this is something you don’t do every day. The team begins to rush around the office looking for the necessary materials — the bleach, the retractor, the bite block, the liquid gum protector, gauze, cotton rolls. The list goes on. So Discus has come out with a nonlight-activated whitening system to meet the demand for a less expensive, in-office option for patients. ...

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