Embezzlement protection tips from Dr. Gordon Christensen

June 21, 2010

By Dr. Gordon Christensen

Embezzlement and fraud are rampant in dental practices. Here are two of the most common methods of dishonesty:

1. Patients on the day sheet should be the same as those on the appointment schedule. It is simple for an employee to drop a patient who paid cash off the day sheet, make an “adjustment” (reduction in fee on the patient’s record), and pocket the cash. Dentists should COMPARE THESE RECORDS AND FOLLOW UP ON ANY DISCREPANCIES.

2. You should check each fee adjustment on a daily basis. Dishonest employees can easily make their own adjustment to a patient’s account, pocket the money, and never be detected unless the dentist is observant.

Our newest video, V4739 “Protecting Your Office from Embezzlement & Fraud,” is an absolute must for dentists to see. The sad truth is, the majority of dental practices have been or are now being embezzled!

Jan/Feb 2010 Preferred Client Guide
Vol. 15, Issue 1

Dr. Christensen is a practicing prosthodontist in Provo, Utah, and dean of the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. He is the founder and director of Practical Clinical Courses, an international continuing education organization initiated in 1981 for dental professionals. Dr. Christensen is a cofounder (with his wife, Rella) and senior consultant of CLINICIANS REPORT (formerly Clinical Research Associates), which since 1976 has conducted research in all areas of dentistry.