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Your guide to owning multiple practices

July 23, 2018
For dentists whose goal it is to own multiples practices, Dental Economics magazine, the Principles of Practice Management conference, and the DE Facebook group have the advice you need!

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Managing a successful dental practice is not easy. It takes a certain skill set which, fortunately for dentists, can be learned with the right resources and mentors. That’s what we aim to provide in every issue of Dental Economics, at the Principles of Practice Management Conference, and within the walls of our Private Facebook Group.

Managing more than one successful practice requires a different skill set. Whether you’re looking to manage two locations or build a small empire of offices, you’ll need to rise to meet new challenges that did not exist at the solo practice level.

So here is a handy list of content to get you started:

“Six stages of growth” series by Vincent Cardillo, MBA

6 stages of growth: From solo practice to dental service organization
Building your practice—Stage 1: Solo practitioner
Building your practiceStage 2: Entrepreneurial
Building your practiceStage 3: Foundation development
Building your practice—Stage 4: Platform for growth
Building your practice—Stage 5: Organizational evolution
Building your practice—Stage 6: Leadership and vision

“The dentist-owned DSO (DDSO)” series by Brady Frank, DDS

The DDSO: Dentist-owned private group models
The DDSO: Equity harvesting and value-added practice acquisition opportunities
The DDSO: Vertical companies and the transition to freedom

I believe practice growth should not be accidental; it should be intentional. Well, that philosophy applies even more to owning multiple locations. I encourage you to feed your inner entrepreneur by owning multiple locations, as long as you are intentional about it.