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How are dental fee increases affecting your practice? (Video)

Sept. 6, 2019
In the latest DE's Recall Visit video, Drs. Chris Salierno and Greg Winteregg discuss fee increases, accepting fewer low-fee plans, and still making a profit.

There’s this “awesome” point where dentists can begin to work less and earn the same money, or maybe even more. How is this possible? Dr. Greg Winteregg has seen all the scenarios. He’s worked with dentists who work too hard and earn very little but have all the stress, and those who have found a work-life balance and don’t accept any low-fee plans, and actually raise their fees annually. Where do you want your practice to be?

Dr. Winteregg talks with Dr. Chris Salierno about what dentists need to determine in order to be financially successful with less stress, and maybe even fewer patients.

Watch the latest DE's Recall Visit video here to learn more and how it applies to your practice.


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