3 simple changes to increase treatment plan acceptance

July 6, 2012
Shelly Mendoza shares three simple ideas you can implement right away that will make your practice’s case acceptance go through the roof.

I resisted when I first heard of these simple ideas, but after watching my treatment plan acceptance go through the roof, I quickly became a fan!

If after trying these three ideas your experience is anything like mine, you will be a fan too:

1. Provide a script to your staff. It doesn’t need to be read verbatim, but it will at least serve as a guideline for supporting and presenting your treatment plan.

2. Use a treatment coordinator to present your treatment plan and financial options to your patients.

3. Be sure you provide several options for payment. Your patients will be more willing to complete all treatment if you do. I suggest a couple of third-party and in-house finance options.

To see how your software can further increase your treatment plan acceptance, call DentiMax at (800) 704-8494.

Author bio
Shelly Mendoza has 17 years of extensive clinical and administrative experience working with both large and small dental offices. She has developed and implemented effective strategies to help practices with treatment acceptance, production, and collections.