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Dent-X EVA-Guard program

Aug. 11, 2010
Program is a coverage plan for EVA sensors.
ELMSFORD New York--Dent-X (AFPC.OB) has announced launch of the EVA-Guard program, a coverage plan for EVA sensors. EVA-Guard is in addition to EVA’s standard two-year warranty. EVA owners have the option to purchase this No‐Questions‐Asked policy directly from a local dealer.EVA-Guard protects EVA digital sensor owners in case something happens that is not covered by the two-year, standard warranty. EVA-Guard provides a cost-effective method of protecting a user in the event that a sensor goes down due to accidental breakage or is beyond the warranty period.“Although the warranty plan for EVA sensors is comprehensive, we all know that the unforeseeable can sometimes happen,” said Marc Thacher, director of sales and marketing for Dent-X. “The EVA-Guard program was developed to help protect customers if that occurs.”Once enrolled in this annual program, there is a deductible for any EVA replacement, but at a significantly lower price. Dent-X waives the enrollment fee for users that sign up within 30 days of an EVA installation. The program can be entered retroactively, but users must pay the enrollment fee and all annual fees for any uncovered years. EVA-Guard is renewable each year for five years, with the sixth year covered for free.After the termination of the sixth year, the EVA-Guard program concludes for that sensor. Each EVA sensor is covered under the current and standard factory warranty of two years with free lifetime remote technical support.To learn more, call AFP Imaging customer service at (800) 592-6666.For additional corporate information, visit read more about Dent-X, go to Dent-X.To comment on this product, go to