launches patient financing program designed to increase patient approvals

June 16, 2008
DentalXChange's patient financing program enables patients to accept recommended dental treatments at competitive rates.

IRVINE, California--DentalXChange, providing enhanced connectivity, technology and transaction solutions for patients, payers and providers in the dental industry, has announced the launch of a Patient Payment Program.

In addition to assisting in reducing account payable workload for dental practice staff, the program offers patients no interest and low APR options and a revolving line of credit, which will give more patients the financial flexibility to receive doctor recommended treatment.

Customers using the DentalXChange Patient Program are also helping support the EHG Fund, which aids underserved adults and children internationally in the areas of healthcare, education and human services.

Benefits for practices include:

* Zero start-up fees and lower discount fees;

* Quick, simple online patient application, payment processing and reporting;

* A program designed to maximize patient approvals;

*Prompt payment to provider bank accounts.

Benefits for patients include:

*Simple online application;

*No-interest, cash and low-interest payment plan options at low rates which enable patients to pay for dental care in installments and still get the care they need right now.

"We're excited to bring the Patient Payment Program to the dental industry as it provides a variety of financing options to both dental providers and their patients that increase operational efficiencies and make it affordable for patients to receive and pay for dentist-recommended services," stated Yousuf Nabi, VP of Sales and Marketing.

"Our program offers the lowest rate among the competitors in our space and reliable customer service support for patients. As a dental EDI provider with more than 18 years of experience in revenue cycle management and connectivity solutions, DentalXChange is now able to offer practices the complete package solution: streamlined connectivity and advanced business applications merged with a competitive patient financing program."

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