PracticeWorks enters into marketing agreement with Sikka Software

April 9, 2008
Partnership to promote business intelligence solutions in the dental professional health market.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Sikka Software Corporation and PracticeWorks, Inc., the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, have signed an agreement in which PracticeWorks will endorse and recommend Sikka products and services to customers.

The new partnership will provide PracticeWorks customers the opportunity to optimize their business financials based on the capabilities of Sikka Software, which provides business intelligence and optimization software and services to dental professionals.

"We are pleased to be working with Sikka Software, which provides cost-effective business intelligence systems specifically designed for professionals in the dental market," said Scott Leeper, vice president, E-Services at PracticeWorks.

"Sikka Software products begin where the doctor's current practice management software ends," explained Vijay Sikka, president of Sikka Software Corporation. "Our products have assisted in showing hundreds of dental professionals how much revenue they lost before using our products and how much revenue they will gain utilizing our products on a regular basis."

Sikka Software develops products that help dental professionals maximize the profitability and efficiency of their practices. The company provides doctors with intelligence on the vital areas of their practice, and shows return on investment in marketing, patients, fees and insurance. This information allows dental professionals to make informed decisions that boost the performance of their business.

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