Customizable versions of diverse handpiece kits released

Dec. 20, 2006
StarDental's MasterSets provides dentists with dependable, high-quality components needed to run individual high- and low-speed handpieces.

MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group's StarDental brand introduces customizable versions of its diverse HiLo MasterSet and MasterSet Plus Handpiece Kits.

The StarDental HiLo MasterSet and MasterSet Plus are now available in a variety of configurations featuring the latest LubeFree and lubricated high- and low-speed handpieces, as well as a selection of useful attachments to create a versatile system that belongs in every operatory. In addition, the Plus Set offers a portable, air-powered Sonic Scaler and three tips.

Each of StarDental's MasterSets provides the dentist with dependable, high-quality components needed to run each individual high- and low-speed handpiece. There is no need to purchase additional components.

According to StarDental Product Manager Cass Campbell, "This new HiLo MasterSet program not only allows dentists to choose the components that best fit their office's needs, but also represents a significant savings when compared to purchasing each of the components separately, thus providing dentists with the most reliable, highest-quality handpieces at an affordable price. This is a great value for dental students or new dentists who are building their handpiece collections."

MasterSet purchasers can also personalize their kits by engraving up to three
initials on each handpiece and on the Set's attractive metal case. The
monograms will demonstrate to patients and colleagues alike the investment in quality handpieces.

Additionally, the HiLo MasterSets offer an extended two-year warranty that guarantees the highest quality and reliability of StarDental products.

For more information on StarDental's custom-made HiLo MasterSet and MasterSet Plus, call (866) DTE-INFO and press "2" for DentalEZ Customer Service or visit