Flexible, innovative new financing product offered

May 14, 2007
GE Healthcare Financial Services caters to healthcare practices' needs with Practice Preferred Financing Program.

CHICAGO--GE Healthcare Financial Services has introduced a program specially designed for dental and healthcare practices--its Practice Preferred Financing Program.

The program can be used for variety of practice needs--from equipment financing to working capital to purchasing.

"Providers want to spend less time on administrative chores and more time with their patients," said Catherine Estrampes, general manager for GE Healthcare Financial Services' Vendor and Practice Solutions team. "With the Practice Preferred Financing Program, financing is readily available to manage cash flow, upgrade equipment or expand practices. This flexibility will make it easier for providers to achieve their business goals."

The program offers a flexible suite of products that provides the right financing at the right time:

* An equipment financing line of credit for upgrading or expanding the practice with new equipment or technology.

* A Business MasterCard for such general practice expenses as supplies, merchandise and small equipment. Purchasing controls can be applied for selected cardholders, allowing delegation of purchasing authority to selected staff members.

The simplicity and control of the program can help a practice maximize profitability by spending time where it matters most--with patients. The program enhances management and control over spending with specially designed features.

Dentists and doctors receive a single monthly account statement that breaks out all types and amounts of purchasing activity on the business MasterCard. They also have online access to monthly transaction activity so spending can be monitored on a real-time basis. Additionally, dentists and doctors will receive a pre-qualified line of credit to acquire the equipment they need faster.

Practices can earn further benefits by enrolling in the optional Productivitysm Points rewards program (subject to enrollment fee and terms and conditions), which awards one point for each $1 spent on the Business MasterCard. These points can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, dining or cash back.

In addition, practices will also receive a rebate for all financing under the equipment line of credit after activation of the Business MasterCard.

For more information, visit GE Healthcare Financial Services.