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4 ways to escape the single-tooth trap in your dental practice

April 22, 2016
Dr. Roger Levin shares a variety of techniques for moving your dental practice beyond single-tooth procedures and on to more comprehensive treatments.
Is your production dominated by single-tooth treatment? If so, you’re not alone. Too many practices are limiting their production potential by focusing almost exclusively on single-tooth procedures.

At Levin Group, we teach our consulting clients a variety of proven techniques for moving beyond single-tooth treatment. Here are four ways to raise the level of patient care and increase production:

1. Emphasize comprehensive treatment
Every patient should have an annual comprehensive exam. Most practices automatically provide new patients such an evaluation, yet they often overlook doing the same for long-term patients. We recommend that dentists perform a yearly five-phase examination, which comprises these areas: a) tooth-by-tooth, b) periodontal, c) cosmetic, d) implant, and e) occlusal.

Most patients are candidates for one or more services other than single-tooth treatment. For example, gingivitis and periodontitis are two of the most common diseases in the country, yet they are also two of the most untreated.

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2. Promote cosmetic services
Inform patients about all the ways you can beautify and brighten their smile. More people are willing to spend money on improving their appearance. Look at the popularity of over-the-counter whitening products. Even patients who initially aren’t interested could eventually change their minds, depending on what’s occurring in their lives. Special occasions, such as a job interview, high school reunion, or wedding, often trigger patients to take the next step when it comes to improving their smile.

3. Make it about patient benefits
Many dentists are uncomfortable recommending anything other than need-based care. Presenting just the technical information about a procedure isn’t enough for elective treatment or larger cases. You need to also reach patients emotionally by emphasizing the benefits treatment will bring––a brighter smile, improved appearance, more confidence, a better quality of life, etc. Make patient benefits the main focus of your presentation for cosmetic and elective treatment.

4. Be ready to present multiple times
Patients are taking longer to make treatment decisions, especially for services that aren’t covered by their insurance. If patients say they need time to think about it or they’re not sure, revisit the treatment plan on their next hygiene visit. When you see them again, ask if they had time to fully consider the plan you presented previously. They may be in a better financial position or just more receptive this time around. If you don’t bring up the subject, it’s unlikely they will.

Single-tooth treatment is an important production driver, but it doesn’t have to be your main one. Use these four tips to help increase production for multiple-tooth and elective treatment, and grow your practice in today’s tough economy.

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