Marulany Consulting Dental Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: The secrets of dental patient retention

Dec. 3, 2013
Infographic helps with dental patient retention tips

Recent market research reveals that dentists are retaining less than half of their new patients. The results were published in JADA, and this led to further research by a team at MarulaNY Consulting that demonstrates that 26% of patients do not find their dental problems sufficiently important to remedy, and 42% do not have or cannot afford dental insurance.

With proactive patient education, better utilization of technology, and smart service tactics, these numbers can improve. The MarulaNY Consulting team did the research and created the following infographic, which they hope is as informative as possible to answer the very prevalent questions, "How do we retain new and existing patients?" and "How do we do this in a a very patient focused manner?"

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